This page contains supplies
that are available through your counselor

Medula Spring Express Manual Breastpump $22.00
Automatic vacuum release for safe, comfortable pumping. Pulsing suction like a baby's nursing action. Dishwasher safe and boilable. Contents: pump, bottle, cap, collar, orthodontic nipple and a carrying bag.

Soft Shells $16.00
Allows air circulation for healing of sore nipples. Prevents wet clothes for the leaking nursing mother. NOT to be used for milk collection.

Hobbit Breast Shells $9.00
Allows air circulation for healing of sore nipples. Corrects flat or inverted nipples.

"DenBi" Washable Nursing Pads $2.00/6 pack
Worn throughout the day to absorb leaking milk. Very soft for sensitive nipples.

blis Breast Leakage Inhibitor System and blis $19.95
Breast Pads. Breast shields that prevent milk leakage and are contured to fit the womans' body. For occasional use only.

"Comfy Care" Breast Shields $5.00
Ideal for preventing or relieving: inverted nipples, sore nipples, staining and engorgement.

Nursing Bib $3.50
Covers mom & baby for nursing privacy. Cloth with velcro neck fastener.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these supplies, contact your Nursing Mothers Counselor.